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Welcome to Legends Express Travel Services ( aka LEx. / Legendstraveler). A top Travel Agency in Asia / Pacific New Zealand & Europe destinations. LEx. is your #1 choice for travel. Specialising in Asia/Pacific regions for quality Tours, Vacation Packages and Friendly 5 * Customer Service.

Founded in 2011 by Joy & Steve making LEx. a Family travel business.  With our love of travel and being able to offer a fair Price for Quality Trips. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in a condo in Manila, Philippines. Over the years, LEx. has assisted 1000’s of happy clients, while creating wonderful life long memories!

We focus on Quality, Affordability and great Customer Service. With commitment and passion towards every person. LEx is dedicated to giving you the very best of our Travel products & services

When LEx. first started out, it was our passion for traveling that drove us to find a better way to book travel. To make it more affordable and user friendly. Should you require something different, we can Customise an Itinerary for you. We would love to help you Plan your Dream holiday.

We now serve our customers from LEx. in Manila, Philippines plus our 30+ sub-agents, located all around the world. We are thrilled to be a part of your travel plans. Seeing happy smiling people makes it all worthwhile

We are sure you will enjoy our travel packages & tours as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments or need another Destination, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Tell us what your Dream Holiday ideas are ~ we are always happy to assist You!

Joy & Steve

Your Travel Specialist for Asia/Pacific

During our years of continued growth, Lex. is now a top reputable Asian and Pacific Travel Specialist. With our clients increasing, more variety and expertise was necessary, to better assist travellers seeking a different adventure to search for that perfect getaway or special event.  Travel is for everyone, in every season – Winter, Summer, Spring & Autumn, LEx. has a fun adventure suitable just for You. Time to start planning that Dream Getaway and start living life with friends and family. Should you require a customised Itinerary for a special event, let’s chat. We can create an Itinerary just the way you like it!

Korea ski Adventure Tours

OUR MISSION is to offer You better quality tours at affordable prices for your tour enjoyment & personalisation. LEx. supports our local tour Guides. Whilst doing this, it helps families support each other and looks after our environment. 
Today LEx. offers you access to over 3 million quality Travel Products through our partner companies. This also includes our comparisons prices on over 940+ Airlines and over 2.5+ million types of Accommodations to offer more choices at better rates.

OUR VISION – has seen LEx. grow in numbers of agents across the Philippines, Asia’s, and other popular World destinations like Dubai. This now enables us to offer the convenience of travel for everyone, on their Budget, anywhere on our amazing planet. LEx. is Building a more personalised way to Travel using the latest (and future) travel technology. Making Your Travel booking more User Friendly, more enjoyable, and hassle-free – for Business and Leisure. 

OUR VALUES – with Value for Money on All our Travel Products for personal or business trips. Catering for solo, couples, family and group travellers. Even Special Events like Honeymoon destinations and Group bookings for that special occasion. 
Tomorrow’s traveler also keeps an eye on tomorrows’ future and environment. Everyone would prefer a sustainable travel future. LEx. is helping in combining experience with technology to see a change in the qualitative shift in your travel experiences. Reducing stress, uncertainty, and chaos when you travel. 

Let’s join together to make our environment better for Traveling and defeat this health crisis known as COVID-19 ~ Wear a Mask & Travel Safely

LegendsTraveler ~ There When You Need Us