Applying for a US VISA


*  Single pax application cost P4,499


  • Visa Consultation
  • Appointment Scheduling (earliest possible) 
  • Airline Reservation as supporting document. 
  • VISA FEE of US$160.00 IS

Not Yet Included

  • Application for Visa Fee is Php8,800 (this is subject to change depending on exchange rate) 
  • So Approx. cost for Visa Fee + Visa Processing is P8,800 + P4,499 = Php13,299 / Pax ( this is subject to change depending on exchange rate) 


a.  Accomplished Questionnaire (Please refer on page 2 & onwards)
b.  Scanned copy of Passport (at least 6 months validity prior to departure travel date) to be emailed to Legends Express Travel
c.  Soft copy of 2″ x 2″ picture white background (should be for US Visa) – must be taken from a photo studio to be posted/delivered to Legends Express Travel


1. Email Accomplished Questionnaire, Scanned Copy of Passport and Soft copy of US Visa photo for Free Assessment (we will advise the chances of approval)
2. Pay the visa assistance fee and US Visa Fee $160 – download your payment slip here: then scroll down and click – MRV $160. Print the payment slip and pay at any BPI Branch 
3. Forward the payment slip and your preferred schedule of interview 
4. We will email the draft of the DS160 for your review. Please take note if there are changes to be made
5. Once confirmed, we will email the appointment confirmation, DS160, customized script, and dos and don’ts during the interview.
6. Final Tips and reminders before your interview
7. Be at the Embassy 40mins before your schedule and make sure to bring your Appointment confirmation Documents, DS160, MRV $160 receipt and black ball pen (x 2)
8.  Interviews generally last 1 minute to 10 minutes, all depends on your answers and the confidence you show in the interview.
9.  Tell the TRUTH always, answer promptly and politely.
10. Dress respectfully, don’t wear slippers, thongs, sandals
11. You will find out the result after the interview. They will keep your passport if you are approved while they will give it back if denied.

Important Reminders:

Visa applicants should bear in mind that each application is subject to an individual assessment and processing times may vary before we can get a schedule. We cannot guarantee 100% approval as it depends upon the discretion of the visa officers but we will make sure that you will be ready before your scheduled appearance. 

Consul will advise the applicant whether their application is granted or not during the day of their appearance. If granted, you will receive your passport with attached visa copy more or less a week after the appearance

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