Taiwan Luxury Cruise - 5 Days

Costa cruise to Japan & Korea

Luxury Cruise of Taiwan

The first person to taste is to forget busy everyday duties for a moment and enjoy the elegant time.
View an amazing rising sun from the deck or your balcony.  Take a nap. Enjoy the spa. Enjoy the Cruise your favorite way. With 24-hour dining, activities, entertainment, swimming in the pool and so much more on a Costa Cruise – and you only have to unpack once!

Foodies Heaven

Unlike a seaside restaurant, you can taste Italian gastronomy dining anytime, anywhere in the restaurant above the sea. Your dining choices for delicious foods is immense and tasteful with every bite. In addition to easy-to-understand buffets and restaurants for beginners, you can also enjoy freshly baked authentic Napoli pizza and Italian gelato in a stone kiln. In the real wine bar, the sommelier is hospitable. Here they serve authentic Italian on the sea, to your heart ‘s content.

What Dress Code?

There is not a tedious time on board for a second.
Evening parties and entertainment shows are easy-to-understand plays that can be enjoyed even for the first time. Please feel free to challenge the dress code.

Ships Crew

All the crews of Costa Cruises are families. It is styled hospitality, a friendly style of service, to have a good time together with friends, family and other foreign and excited customers with a cheerful, bright and fun service.
They will entertain you anytime, anywhere, so that you can enjoy it for the first time. As we are sure you will want to cruise again, and again……

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Taiwan Luxury Cruise
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