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Family fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala-Lumpur

Family Travels

We offer a choice of family-friendly travels, highlighting mindfully arranged schedules, for arousing and improving explorers of all ages. Anxious to acquaint your kids or grandkids with an alternative culture or the miracles of the normal world? From getting a charge out of a bicycle ride outside of Intramuros on our City Tour, or to appreciating sun-filled Tuscany and Costa Rica’s rich tropical woodland. Join new companions and rousing aides who bring new bits of knowledge to everybody. On a tour with LegendsTraveler, encounter the enchantment of disclosure with your whole family as you appreciate an important time investigating the world and becoming together.

Family holidays and outings are a wonderful event in any language or country. Either in Asia, the Philippines or Europe. There is an abundance of Child-friendly vacations, activities, and attractions for all ages. Start a tour to a beautiful island hopping for families, safe swimming. We also have sailing tours available and are exciting, safe and fun, plus suitable for all ages.

Try our a Segway City Tour. ( anyone can learn to ride a Segway in 10/15 minutes with confidence) So many Sightseeing Tours, theme parks, like Disneyland, Legoworld. Even snow ski in 35degrees Celcius heat in Dubai, a desert city!

There are also 1000’s of great child-friendly resorts, with family package deals available. The list is endless, so talk to us and we can help you plan and organize your next child-friendly vacation, just the way you like it.

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