travelling japan in summer

Travelling Japan in Summer

June to mid-July can be a wet and humid time of year as the rainy season sweeps into Tokyo—think relentless drizzle rather than monsoon. A rain jacket could be a good idea, but not a heavy one: the thick, warm humidity can be oppressive.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around Tokyo in the rainy season, or perhaps even hiking or camping in the Okutama area of far western Tokyo, waterproof shoes would also be smart. And of course you can carry an umbrella.

Be aware that convenience stores sell affordable umbrellas.

Once the rain breaks, the summer gets going with intense heat and high humidity. The mercury can rise above 35 degrees so it is important to keep hydrated and well-rested.

The temperature seldom drops below 25 degrees even after sunset, so expect long, hot summer nights.

Many Japanese people will carry a hand fan to fend off the heat or a parasol to block out the sun—both effective techniques!

One other note about clothing: summer is the time for light, comfortable attire, and Tokyo is a city where you’ll see every kind of fashion under the sun, but if you want to blend in with the locals, avoid wearing anything too casual or revealing.

You might look out of place wearing low-cut tops, loose-fitting sleeveless shirts, yoga pants or leggings without anything over them, baggy athletic shorts, and plastic flip-flops or sandals.

Article Courtesy of Go-Tokyo

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