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LEx. Customer Services Offers Experiences to make peoples lives more enjoyable when Traveling

At LEx. we understand that you may need some assistance with planning, organizing and may have many questions regarding your Dream Vacation. We’ll worry no more, as that’s what we do – You have Questions ~ We have the answer, help You plan your travel and find the best travel deal that your budget allows for. Everything in Travel we do with Passion and commitment. We are happy to assist You, so reach out to us, you will have a great Trip and Save with our 5 Star Customer Services

LEx. services are there for You

The Solutions We Offer

With Commitment and Passion, our Professional Travel Team will look after all your travel needs.


LEx. does all the work and compares prices on 15+ Airline booking systems so you receive the Best rates which allow you to choose the Flight you prefer, with Instant Confirmation


Hotel Bookings made EASY – with over 1.5 million choices, your Own Hotels,
Resorts, Rentals, Apartments, Hostel, and find the right styling, price and location to suit your Budget!

Visa Assist.

LEx.gives you the hassle-free processing of your visa. We have a team of knowledgeable people who will assist and check the orderliness of your travel documents


Due to COVID-19 Cruises have been Suspended. Contact Us for more Info.
Modern-day Cruises are a one-stop Vacation. You only Unpack once, whilst
cruising the seas and visiting some incredible destinations & land tours.

Customise Itinerary

Planning your Dream Holiday Vacation or Getaway is a sure way to fulfill your desires. At LEx. we take away all the worries of booking a trip, with fewer hassles so you enjoy your Dream Holiday just the way you like it!

Ways to help us, assist you better

We can help you to plan and customize your trip. LEx. can tailor-made a tour according to your preferred schedule and inclusions. Our services are designed and flexible for those who prefer to travel with friends, family, and couples. Even suitable for corporate events and conferences.

Your tour can be free and easy or a small group based on the number of passengers that will travel. We provide a sample itinerary that you may review and select your preferred choices

The following information will help us to personalise your trip. Kindly provide the following details to us:

Itinerary Planning & Travel Management

  • When do you want to travel?
  • How long is your intended stay?
  • How many people will travel? (adult or child)
  • Identify your preferred destination and places that interest you?
  • Identify the activities / tours that you would like to include?
  • What class of hotel / accommodation do you prefer?
  • What type of flight ticket would suit this trip?
  • Other suggestions for your trip?
  • Any specific budget?
MS. Joy on Korea in Winter Fam Tour
Managing CEO ~ Ms. LEx.

Travel Insurances

Having genuine feelings of serenity, knowing you are fully covered by great Insurance. Peace of mind is Priceless for the whole family – be amazed how cheap it is

We have been supplying Quality Tours and Products since 2011. Your Dream Holiday is as Important to us, as it is to You! Our Team is Passionate and Committed to giving You great Customer Service ~ it’s what we do ~
Always happy to assist you with your travel ideas, there when you need Us!

Don’t travel without your travel insurance, it’s very essential whether it is for vacation, business trip, and corporate event. You will be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive insurance is.

You get to choose the coverage that suits your Trip and activities. Your travel insurance is your protection against unexpected events such as flight delay and cancellation, medical coverage, and personal accident. We partner with reliable travel insurance companies to give you peace of mind while you are on your trip.

Check out more Insurance Info.

Visa Processing Assistance

LegendsTraveler gives you a hassle free processing of your visa. We have a team of knowledgeable people who will assist and check the orderliness of your travel documents.
We listed the basic requirements in processing your visa in your preferred destinations across the globe.

LEx. aim to process your visa application within the service standards. However, actual visa processing times will vary depending on the embassy you’re applying for your visa. Plus the actual date we receive your documents for checking and processing.

The visa approval is always subject to the discretion of the given embassy.

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Travel Document Delivery

LegendsTraveler provides you a free pick-up and delivery of your documents if you process your visa or you booked your trips to us.

We simply need the address, date of delivery, contact number and the receiver of the documents.

LEx. assures you that we will handle your documents with high level of care and confidentiality. We have a dedicated motorised representative dedicated for the pick-up and delivery to our customers.

For your protection we appreciate if you will ask our representative a company identification card before accepting or giving any documents. We always have acknowledgement receipt that we give each time of pick-up and delivery; kindly print your name and sign.

Enjoy the privilege to receive your Travel Kits at your doorstep. Book your trips with LEx. and. Save!

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LEx. doesn’t charge any extra commissions or extra fees from our customers ~ WYSIWYG   

LEx. work with many partner companies so you can benefit from a huge choice of destinations, promotions, and discounts.

LEx. cooperates only with proven, trusted, and reliable travel companies.