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At LEx. we understand that you may need some assistance with planning, organising and have many questions regarding your Dream Vacation. Well worry no more, as that’s what we do – answer your questions, help You plan your travel and find the best travel deal that your budget allows for. Everything in Travel we do with Passion and commitment. We are happy to assist You, so reach out to us, you will have a great Trip and Save with our 5 Star Customer Services

LEx. Customer Services

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LEx. Hotel Partners’ allows you better quality, more choices and variety when booking your perfect accommodation in 200+ countries, saving up to 70% with Instant Confirmation

Hotel Bookings made EASY – with over 1.5 million choices, from Hotels, Hostels, Rentals, Apartments available for Business and Leisure by LEx. for all your Philippines or International destinations – to over 239+ Countries with over 800+ Airports, 1040 Airlines we have somewhere for everyone – Philippines and Internationally!  Go to your dream destinations around the nation and abroad in only a single click! Whenever you feel the urge to Travel, you know you can rely on to locate the right accommodation at the Best Rates for You – Happy Travels



Modern Cruise Liners are Amazing thanks to a wide range of revolutionary features in today’s modern Cruises. In addition to a number of new spaces and interactive experiences, meant to excite and inspire, you’re guaranteed a holiday like no other. You only Unpack once, whilst cruising the seas and visiting some incredible destinations for shore tours.  You can savour a three-course meal and a great bottle of wine. Or grab a burger hot off the grill. Dress up. Dress down. Sit down with friends or make new ones. Thanks to the flexibility of no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating, you have the freedom to enjoy more dining options than days of your cruise. You can even go shopping on board!

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LEx. offers Visa Processing Assistance

LegendsTraveler gives you a hassle free processing of your visa. We have a team of knowledgeable people who will assist and check the orderliness of your travel documents.We listed the basic requirements in processing your visa in your preferred destinations across the globe. We aim to process your visa application within the service standards; however, actual visa processing times will vary depending  which embassy you’re applying your visa for and the actual date we receive your documents. However, visa approval is always subject to the discretion of the given embassy ~ This is a Guide Only.


Requirements for a VISA ~ Click Here
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Allow LEx. to help you Customize your Next Adventure

It’s natural to become little excited when it comes to going on an adventure for your Holidays or even just a weekend Getaway.  To make it more relaxing and enjoyable, it is always best to plan where you are going so you are not disappointed when you arrive.

Then on the other, grabbing a few items and your partner or friends, and just doing it for a quick getaway is also an adventurous experience, traveling to the unknown for some fun and excitement.

It really doesn’t matter how or when you travel, but it can make a big difference when it’s a family gathering or even just a couple, or a group of friends, Planning your Vacation or Getaway is a sure way to make sure you get what you desire, nothing worse when arriving and it’s all booked out.

At LEx. we take away all the worries of booking a trip, and help you plan your next dream Vacation, we also organise and book everything, to your Budget, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your customized adventure, just the way you like it. 


Give us a call, on +63 9055144508 or contact us, we are happy to assist you with your Dream destination.


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Travel Insurances

Yes, we all think it won’t happen to me, so never bother with Insurances. Well that might of been good in the past, but today, Having that peace of mind that if something does go wrong, you and your Family are are totally covered for the unexpected, and it’s a lot cheaper then you think!

There’s extremely no better method to secure your excursion speculation than by investing in travel protection. With the likelihood of undoings, flight delays, lost baggage or missing passport, medical assistance or some other surprising episode, travel protection can give you “Peace of Mind” for you and your Family. Having genuine feelings of serenity that you require, knowing you are fully covered by great Insurance

SkyWorld Insurance is one of the business’ driving travel protection providers, that can offer you various advantages in travel insurances. This enable your get-away to encounter remain positive, regardless of whether something suddenly happens. Keep in mind, without insurance protection, you could lose up to the full cost of your outing! It’s much cheaper then You Think! The following are a few advantages that SkyWorld Travel of Insurances The  Philippines /Asia can give you. . . 

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Vacation Activities  &  Destinations

When your time arrives for that long-awaited Vacation, don’t forget your favourite Activities. Vacations’ are part of everyone’s lifestyle and you start to wind down, don’t forget to plan ahead.  Because you start to become extremely excited about your long fun vacation. You should immediately begin planning Activities, Tour Types in your mind. Some of these you may do either by yourself, with friends, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even family & groups.


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