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Tips for Island Hopping


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The scenery is Majestic and Awesome


El Nido, Palawan, is the best place for a DIY Robinson Crusoe encounter… island hopping tours are numerous and plentiful in the Philippines. Prices range from Php1000 to Php2,900 / person for a 1/2 day and full day Tours, depending if is a group or Private Tour. Always be sure of what is included, don’t be shy, ask as Filipinos are very friendly, love to chat and will tell you everything. This is their living and they want you to fully enjoy  your island adventure Tours. Reach out to us for fantastic Island Hopping Tours

With more than 3700+ islands and gulfs in Asia and Philippines alone, it’s anything but difficult to discover abandoned holes, precipices*. Explore inlets giving the ideal background to disconnect your seafront gills and explore the unknowns. On the off chance that you have a gathering, procure a private watercraft.

Without a doubt, you can go the business course and blend with different visitors. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a gathering of at least four it works out around a similar cost and is certainly justified regardless of the experience to get off the beaten track.

In the El Nido and Palawan district, check our LEx. Island Hopping Tours. You can employ snorkel, rigging, and kayaks with them additionally. These guides know the islands all around! You should simply reveal to them the sort of day you’re searching for and they will customize that perfect private visit just for you!

Set out toward the islands around the Bacuit Archipelago for a world-class journey of awe and excitement.

Skip Halong Bay (and the many voyagers who visit every day) and jump between these staggering islands toward the north of Palawan. The Archipelago’s quiet islands and karst precipices put it’s Vietnamese sister to disgrace; you’ll feel like you’re on the arrangement of ‘The Beach’.


Mobile & Cameras

We all have ’em and love them, so shield your Mobile or camera from the pontoon and splash back from waves & water sprinkle best with a submerged case… or wrap in plastic bag, a clip lock is preferred since anything can occur close to water and it generally does. Don’t forget to charge your mobile the night before or have a power bank with you, as no electricity when island hopping, as you will have so many picture taking opportunities.


Even though the sun shines brightly, and warmth is there on your body, travelling over water, the winds can become a bit chilly at times, so use your towel as a blanket ( dry in the sunshine after swimming ) A change of clothes, just a singlet, t-shirt, whatever makes you feel comfortable – don’t travel wet, over long distances.


Island hopping will drain your energy levels, with all the excitement, exploring, adventures, swimming, snorkeling, running on soft sands, playing badminton, etc. in the beautiful sunshine, so ensure you have a fulfilling lunch. Bring plenty of liquids – check with your Tour Operator if they supply drinks, other then just for Lunch.


Slip, slop, slap with that sunscreen, as in all your enjoyment your skin may be burning, especially if you are not used to spending days in the Philippines beautiful sunshine. Don’t forget your hat and sunny’s, travel lite!

BYO Reef Shoes…

Thongs, Slippers just won’t slice it when swimming through reefs, surrenders or strolling from your tied down watercraft to shore. Havanas slip off as the waves wash in underneath you, so unless you need to risk venturing on uncovered coral or having something disgusting underneath, a great combination of slip-on water shoes with tough elastic soles are prescribed. Regardless of whether they absolutely spasm your island style!

On the off chance that you book an island jumping visit, book one which incorporates lunch… as you will surely build up a big appetite during your island adventures.

Numerous islands in Palawan and Boracay don’t have any courtesies, not to mention nourishment and drink / liquids you will require, as can’t drink that beautiful turquoise sea water, lol.  In case you will go down the business course, make certain to book a visit which supplies a healthy lunch of new caught fish / shellfish, as fresh is best and the Filipinos’ catch it fresh every day –  Believe me, you’ll require it after all the snorkelling to build your energy levels up again, ready for your next island hopping adventure that is abundant and  wonderful in the Philippines.

Remember –  to preserve your Environment, and take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, we all have to do our bit to help our Planets Environment!

So go enjoy an amazing journey in the Philippines – Mabuhay!

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* An overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff.

* A cliff with a vertical, nearly vertical, or overhanging face, very high and an awesome site created by mother nature.

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