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5 New Restos that Friends & Family Will Surely Love at Venice Grand Canal

Located in McKinley Hill village



Chao Chao Gyoza

Chao Chao Gyoza offers an authentic Japanese experience – down from their waiters and servers, who will greet you irashaimase (welcome), to their large accommodation up to the food itself.

Gyoza (Japanese Pan-fried Dumplings) is their specialty. They’ve got original pork gyoza, shrimp gyoza, shrimp and crab long sticks, tako karaage octopus, and panko oyster gyoza. Chao Chao Gyoza also offers classic Ebi Tempura and Salmon Aburi, among other things. You can pair these dishes with a glass of ice-cold beer – just the way Dad likes it!  What you should definitely leave space for, though, is their Chocolate Gyoza in Vanilla Ice Cream. The fried chocolate dipped in vanilla ice cream is the perfect combo. They will both melt in your mouth as you savour all of the flavors.   Chao Chao Gyoza is located on the second floor of Venice Grand Canal



Wok 2 Go

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend together because your dad is always on-the-go, you can enjoy fast but healthy food at Wok 2 Go. Wok 2 Go serves meals in less than five minutes but also ensures that you get food that is completely MSG- and preservative-free. They give you the best and freshest ingredients in a box with large portions to boot. Their bestsellers are their Chicken Teriyaki (for rice lovers) and their Pepper Rice Noodles (for pasta lovers). Prices start at 120 pesos.

Wok 2 Go is located on the second floor of Venice Grand Canal.



Mitsuyado Sei-men

Are you a fan of noodles and ramen? Mitsuyado Sei-men has got you covered! Mitsuyado Sei-men serves bowls of hot hand-made noodles with a downtown Japanese feel to it. As soon as you enter their doors, you will feel like you’re in Japan enjoying authentic ramen.

Their bestsellers include Cheese Curry Tsukemen and Aji-tama Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen. The Cheese Curry Tsukemen has a dip instead of broth and you have the liberty to add as much dip as you want to your noodles. The Aji-tama Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, on the other hand, has pork bone broth, so you can enjoy its thick soup.

Mitsuyado Sei-men is located on the first floor of Venice Grand Canal.



UCC Clockwork

UCC Clockwork is a cozy coffee shop located at the entrance of Venice Grand Canal. This is perfect for dads with busy schedules. This coffee shop even has some outlets in case your laptops and phones run out of battery.

They offer different kinds of coffee: hot, cold, iced – they have it! For those who have a sweet tooth, you might want to try their Eiskrem, German-style cold black coffee topped with vanilla ice cream. It has a sweet taste, but you can also taste the spike of the coffee. They also offer their UCC Bukidnon Specialty Coffee, which is exclusive to the Philippines. They also offer meals. Monte Cristo is a Ham and Cheese sandwich sprinkled with a pinch of confectioner’s sugar with a fig jam dip. This is a large meal, so you can share it with someone. If you want to eat some rice, they have coffee-rubbed ribs with coleslaw on the side for you to enjoy.



Seol Bang

For dessert, you can try Seol Bang’s bingsu. Seol Bang opened last January, serving large portions of bingsu to their customers. Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert topped with fruits and pastries. Seol Bang takes pride in their high-quality Bingsu with finely shaved ice as if you are eating snow and with every serving full of ingredients. They offer several flavors like Salted Caramel Cookie, Mango Cheesecake, and Choco Fudge Brownie.

Seol Bang is located on the second floor of Venice Grand Canal.

Every Day is our chance to express our love to our mums & dads. In the end, what matters the most, though, is that you get to thank them for what they did for you. To all of the fathers and mothers who always give their best shot for their children, this one’s for you. Make Mothers & Father’s Day a happy event in 2019!

Make you hungry…hhhmmmmm – If you know of any other new and delicious eateries, let us know – enjoy

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