Covid-19 update

Philippines New Normal starts on 1st June 2020!

Filipinos are Leaving Home

The Filipino and all visitors and Expats living in the Philippines have been Home Quaranteen since March 15th 2020. It has been a long, sometimes frustrating way to avoid this COVID-19 virus, but all worth it, if even one life can be saved.

The NEW NORMAL does come with some Rules and Regulations put forth by the Philippines Government – so please adhere to see conditions to avoid another wave of a dreadful virus.

Also take into account, THE COVID-19 VIRUS is still amongst Us, so be cautious and keep that SOCIAL DISTANCING & WEAR A MASK whenever you are outside your home – Stay Safe

The New Normal

The New Normal for GCQ – GENERAL COMMUNITY QUARANTEEN, allows people to leave their homes, to go to work, shopping Malls, do some shopping, normal things in Life!

But No Gyms, Theatres, haircuts, or Bars are available at present

New Normal for the Philippines.2020
GCQ ~ General Community Quarantine

Still, be aware, the COVID-19 Virus is still around us – Stay Safe – Wear a Mask, Wash Hands & Social Distancing still applies to Everyone, Everywhere.

LegendsTraveler ~ keeping You Informed

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