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Moving to the Philippines Tips

The Philippines is a popular retirement destination for people from the United States and many other Foreigners for a few different reasons. First, it’s known for having an excellent climate that’s highly enjoyable throughout the year. The country is also known for its beautiful natural elements and for having a lower cost of living than the United States does. Overall this makes it a very enjoyable, as well as exciting, place for people to vacation with friends or even relocate to.

Most Exciting Locations to Visit

The Philippines is full of exciting locations to visit, most of which show off the impressive natural beauty of the islands. If you’re considering taking a trip to this beautiful island chain, take a moment to learn about some of the different areas that are most worth checking out.


Ilocos is an excellent location to visit if you’re interested in the local heritage. It’s known for its Ilokano food, and a variety of heritage sites that are worth taking the time to visit. If you could only pick a single location to stop to learn more about the culture, this would be the one.


Palawan is one of the most breathtaking spots in the Philippines. It’s known for its natural beauty with luxury resorts, beautiful strands of beaches and an excellent selection of islands.


While the Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches and rich heritage, it also has other natural beauty to show off Benaue is a perfect example of the lush forests and beautiful mountain scenery that’s available as well. For a look at a different part of the rich country, this is the spot to visit.

Mt. Mayon the Perfect cone Volcano near Albay

Best Places to Live

While the locations up above are all exciting to visit during a short-term trip or while spending a holiday with family or friends in the country, many aren’t locations that you would want to settle down in for the long-term. Below are some of the very best long-term retirement locations. If you’re planning to move to the Philippines, you may want to consider one of the following areas for your new home.

Cebu City

Cebu City is a wonderful blend of beauty and nature and city conveniences. It’s a highly-developed location with top-end medical facilities and some of the best doctors in all the country. It also offers plenty of shopping, many different local businesses, and excellent education options.

Cebu resorts
Amazing Cebu Resorts


If the hotter climate of the Philippines is a bit much for you after your first visit, the cooler climate of Tagaytay in the mountainous section of the country might come as a welcome change. It’s known to be more comfortable, especially in the hot summer months, and it offers a good mix of beautiful scenery, plenty of healthcare options and a couple of 18-hole golf courses.


As one of the largest and nicest cities in the Philippines, Dumaguete is worth considering. There are currently several different quality hospitals and there are excellent beaches, a low cost of living and low crime levels. The city also has a good solid expat community, giving you many other people to talk with and make friends with.

Making the Move – It’s more Fun in the PHILIPPINES

If you fall in love with any of the beautiful island areas of the Philippines, you can make the move and enjoy them every day, and it’s easier than you think. While there are a few tough immigration laws in place, and strict rules about what you bring into the country, if you hire an experienced international shipping company (A1 Auto Transport is one option among many others) to help with things like your car, your furniture and other large items that you want moving to the Philippines, you can go through the process fast and easy. Your vehicle should be one of the high priority items to move to the Philippines because local options are fewer and are generally more expensive as well.

Vibrant Makati in Manila

Whether you are making the move to the country, or you are just visiting, it’s important to pay attention to everything that this great country offers so that you can make the most of it. Don’t rush through your time in the Philippines. Instead, savor every moment because there is a lot to take in and enjoy.

Some might agree – some may disagree, but one thing for sure,  the Philippines offers more in Fun, excitement, islands-7000+, Beautiful White Sandy Beaches, crystal clear waters, Scuba Diving, Sailing, surfing, the list of excitement is endless plus Ballooning Thrills, Trekking, waterfalls, lagoons, and so many more attractions and activities to do, watch, participate in , all with friendly Filipinos smiles – you will never be alone or bored – wherever you choose to live in the PHILIPPINES

Don’t forget the Famous BBQ in Baler, after a great days Surfing

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Courtesy of Ross Campbell Blog, Container Shipping – who calls the Philippines home!

Courtesy of Ross Campbell Blog, Container Shipping – who calls the Philippines home!

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