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Pros and Cons of Booking Hostels

The Pros and Cons of Staying in a Hostel

Hostelling appears to be a growing trend as more people are packing their bags and jetting off with every passing day. Post-graduation, recent dropout, gap year adventurer, and even those recently retired are taking off in the name of travel and experience. With destinations being anywhere and everywhere in the world the idea of joining the traveler parade around the Globe is one to be considered. Comparing the pros and cons will be a no-brainer decision for some, but we’ll leave that for you to decide.


Cheap prices aside, hostels will time and time again proves to be the most useful information hubs throughout any country.

A building filled with like-minded backpackers wandering around an unfamiliar country in search of adventure. How perfect? It really doesn’t get any better for destination advice, information, and recommendations.

Booking a Hostel

Hostelling pushes you to interact in a different manner than any other atmosphere and provides a genuine sense of community.

This isn’t a college dorm with one roommate and 8 months of living together with the same neighbors. You are constantly throwing yourself in the midst of strangers. Sharing a living space with people of every background and culture, speaking a language you may have never even heard before. It’s an experience like no other

A good room in a hostel

You’ll make lifelong friendships.

It’s equally intimidating as it is fulfilling to put yourself out there. Making friends never seems as easy as it was on the primary school playground until you start hostelling. You will undoubtedly create some of the most influential and lasting relationships. With the added perk of having friends from all over the world, meaning free tour guides and places to stay.


Your comfort levels will most defiantly be tested.

Situating dorm room life to interacting with endless strangers to acceptance of little to no space for your belongings. Throwing yourself out of any and all comfort zone areas never fun at first, regardless of how necessary it may be.

An ordinary room in a Hostel and Affordable

You leave behind the comforts you’ve grown accustomed to.

Welcome to the life of roommates, bunk beds, and living amongst other people’s messiness. There is also the exceptionally high chance of waking up on more than a few questionable mattress adjacent foam rectangles. But then again no one should be expecting Posturepedic mattresses.

Privacy becomes a very loose term.

Dorm rooms, co-ed stall style bathrooms, and a constant flow of people coming and going will become your new norm. The time you do get to be alone will be more appreciated then you could ever have imagined.

The pros and cons of hostelling vary for every backpacker, and more importantly for every destination. For that reason, this list is extremely generalized and does not focus on any specifics. It is important to understand the culture of the country you are traveling to. Remember that not every country you go to will have the same cleanliness standards as wherever it is you call home. Toilets are not a worldwide necessity in bathrooms, neither is toilet paper. Be sure to do your research to save any gruesome surprises. Happy hostelling!

Marrakech Rouge Hostels, for something cozy and different.

Traveling to different countries

When you do make that decision to Travel, it is an amazing life to enjoy, visiting different places, meeting up with different cultures, people and foods. So you have to always show a little respect when in a foreign country. Adapt to their style of living and accommodation styles, so choices of Hostels can be limited or an abundance of hostels everywhere. You will always meet new friends and acquaintances when traveling, which makes your life full of choices, on what or what not to do.

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Well, it comes down to your personal style, what you want, and what your budget allows for! It also relies on the location you are visiting and what is available. Sometimes you only have 1 or maybe two choices, so that’s a no-brainer!

There are good and even great Hostels around each country for a fair price, with reasonable conditions, and for your payments, and some even have fun amenities plus a chef’s kitchens. So it is entirely up to the individual how they wish to travel, rest, and spend money. Looking for a hostel/cheap apartment we suggest going to Hostelworld where you will find 10’s of thousands of hostels to choose from around our world. Staying in Ho Chi Min area, a Hostel there is only US$7 bucks a night, now that’s cheap!

No matter where you travel, be prepared for anything, enjoy your new surroundings, respect their cultural differences, stay safe – happy travels!

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