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All Hotel, Resorts, Tour Operators, Airlines, Airports, Theme Parks, Tour Facilities, etc. will all have to meet strict COVID-19 Standards in all Countries ensuring your HEALTH & SAFETY at all times. Go on your Dream destinations around the nation and abroad in only a single click!

To find the right accommodation and flights at the Best Rates. for YOU ~ LEx. compares 900+ Airlines, 200 Agencies through 67+ Booking Systems and 2.5 Million Hotels/Resorts for Best Rates, so You Save Time & Money. Whenever you feel the urge to Travel, you know you can rely LEx.


Due to the Covid-19 Health Pandemic, International flights from and to some countries are not allowable, until further notice. A New Normal for Flights is for your Health & Safety

NOTE: Do Not Send Money Until a Flight and/or Hotel has been Confirmed and is Available

The New Normal

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Travel Industry has been hit harder than others. At LEx. we are adjusting to the NEW NORMAL requirements introduced by Governments and Airlines. These new changes will have to be strictly adhered to. This New Normal will enable a Safer Booking Process for everyone. As this is new for everyone please be Patient with your Airport and Airline Staff. , They are all doing their Best to ensure your safety and comfort when Flying.

Refunds or Cancellations

REFUNDS for any cancelled or changed Flights by an Airline will be given as a Voucher to be used for another Flight, ( in some cases a cash refund is possible, depending on ticket bought & Airline used ). Airlines may also, in some cases, add additional charges for same destination of a different Flight, (due to a Cancellation) which is payable by each person.

Each Ticket Purchased has a Class Code Number stating what the Terms and Conditions of buying this type of Ticket; e.g. No Exchange or Refund, Fees are charged in some circumstances – Not sure what this is, chat with Us, we are Happy to assist You.

Please check all Terms & Conditions of Flight Tickets before you make a Payment. All Airlines are different when it comes to their Terms and Conditions for cancellations, flight changes, refunds, etc. during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please check with Us to secure your Travels, before paying any money – Thank You & Stay Safe

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