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FESTIVALS in the Philippines

12 of the Biggest Festivals for 2019 in The Philippines

Updated for 2021

APRIL 10, 2019 – LegendsTraveler The Philippine archipelago is a beautiful spectacle of spirited and colorful celebration.  With our fun-cherishing spirit, artistry, creativity, and passion for music, the Philippines has even birthed a portion of the world’s grandest and most energetic celebrations.

Full of life, parades, radiant smiles, elaborate costumes, and parades. The celebrations in the Philippines are dazzling celebrations that feature the history, conventions, and profound side of the Filipinos. A spectacle of Dance & Colour for All.

Here’s a list of the must-see celebrations in the Philippines in 2019 and additionally the spots where you can participate in the gathering! Book early as it starts the 3rd Sunday in January 2019 all year long.

 1. Ati-Atihan Festival – Kalibo

3rd weekend of January | Kalibo, Aklan

They don’t call the Ati-atihan Festival as the granddaddy of every Philippine celebration in vain. Frequently depicted as the best and greatest Mardi Gras in the Philippines, it is, all things considered, the celebration that began the entire pattern.

Commended for its furious road parade and infectious innate beats, Ati-atihan is seven days in length. The occasion seething from dawn to nightfall, and cresting on the third Sunday of January. Besides, it’s a wondrous mix of indigenous show, vacation destination, social action, and Catholic customs.

2. Sinulog – Cebu City

3rd weekend of January | Cebu City

With regards to celebrations in the Philippines, not very many can match Cebu City’s global eminent occasion – the Sinulog Festival. Hailed as the greatest and most astounding celebration in the Philippines,

Sinulog entices a huge number of guests from all over the world. With its multicolored parade, religious functions, and terrific introductions. If that wasn’t already enough, this week-long festival offers a lineup of spectacular and colorful shows to include an additional measurement of energy and enjoyment to the celebration.

3. Dinagyang Festival – Ilioilo

4th weekend of January | Iloilo City

On the off chance that you happen to know somebody from Iloilo, attempt and get some information about this Philippine celebration. You’ll perceive how their pride for their city’s celebration is out and out dumbfounding. 

Once a year, Iloilo City transforms into one major road party — avenues shut, groups in all corners, flooding sustenance and drinks, and transcending blast boxes.

To top everything off, clans speaking to different Barangays and secondary schools perform in one extremely focused road moving challenge.

4. Panagbenga Festival – Baguio

February | Baguio City

Panangbenga, or likewise alluded as the “Period of Blooming” is an outwardly dazzling celebration, including humungous coasts ado red perfectly with blossoms parading along the whole extend of Session Road.

Celebrated as a tribute of Baguio’s blossoming bloom industry. The celebration was first held in the result of the overwhelming Luzon 1990 seismic tremor. This helped inspire the spirits of the general population who were influenced by the tremors.

5. Bamboo Organ Festival – Las Piñas

Mid – February 2021.

Bamboo Organ Festival may not be as boisterous and ostentatious as most big-time conventional Philippine parties, however, it is completely a one of a kind celebration that each Pinoy music sweetheart must be involved in 2021.

While it won’t highlight prominent pop acts like the Pinoy shake symbol. Bamboo Mañalac or neighborhood Youtube sensations, the celebration will at present give you a sweet eargasmic encounter. Through a glittering melodic show guided by gifted organists who’ll play the world’s first and final bamboo organ.

6. Moriones Festival – Marinduque

Holy Week | Boac, Gasan, and Mogpog, Marinduque

Marinduque’s week-long Lenten Season festivity is the thing that makes this island region one of the best goals in the Philippines amid Holy Week. Consolidating Catholic pomp with society supernatural quality, this astounding celebration pays tribute to St. Longinus – the centurion who punctured who Jesus Christ with a spear in his side.

Amid the celebration, the centurion’s story will be reenacted in a wonderful and dramatic play that is organized by local people. Likewise, there will be plenty of celebration revelers who’ll wear multifaceted covers amid the celebration. Meandering the roads and jarring individuals for some great vivacious fun.

7. Aliwan Festival – Pasay City

Last weekend of April | Pasay City, Manila

The Aliwan Festival, in spite of the fact that it’s moderately new, is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most famous celebrations in the nation. Indeed, it’s popular to the point that it is regularly commended as the “Mother of all Festivals” in the nation.

It began in 2003, this vivid celebration has prospered into an easily recognized name, and has turned into an unquestionable requirement go-to party for culture vultures.

Referred to more as an opposition than a celebration. Aliwan Festival plans to advance the nation’s diverse societies not simply to its own particular individuals, but rather to whatever remains of the world also.

8. Pahiyas Festival – Lucban

Early May | Lucban, Quezon

Praised each fifteenth of May in Lucban, the Pahiyas Festivals is an excessive thanksgiving custom for the abundant collection to San Isidro Labrador. A Spanish ranch specialist and a supporter holy person of workers, laborers, and agriculturists.

A standout amongst the most beautiful and expand celebrations in the Philippines. Pahiyas is popular for its terrific show of vegetables, organic products, brilliant kiping (rice wafers). Painstaking work that enhances the houses taking an interest in this celebration.

9. Kadayawan Festival – Davao

3rd week of August | Davao City

Kadayawan – ostensibly the greatest and most fabulous celebration in Mindanao – has every one of the signs of an extraordinary and striking conventional Filipino celebration. Not exclusively does it include a road moving parade, yet it likewise has magnificence shows, enrapturing firecrackers shows and eye-getting flower coasts.

Displaying organic products, blossoms, and different products that possess large amounts of the archipelago’s second-biggest island. Kadayawan Festival is a festival of the plenitude of Davao and whatever is left of Mindanao.

10. MassKara Festival – Bacolod

Mid – October | Bacolod City

Masskara Festival is, basically, a monster disguise party with Latin-propelled drumbeats, and mind-boggling attires. Esteemed as a standout amongst the most surely understood celebrations in the Philippines, this celebration is additionally featured by various exercises.

Including sports occasions, shows and a marvel expo. Obviously, taking an interest in this occasion is additionally an open door for you to test the most delectable delights that the city brings to the table.

11. Mammoth Lantern Festival – San Fernando, Pampanga

Beginning of December, around 18th. TBC

San Fernando’s Giant Lantern Festival is a razzle-dazzle amazing Christmas challenge that will wow its observers with its entrancing, massive and splendid lights. One of the rising stars in the nation’s rich and assorted celebration scene.

Giant Lantern Festival is ending up very prominent that the city of San Fernando has been affectionately nicknamed as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines”

12. Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – Clark, Pampanga

Mid – December TBC

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most unprecedented celebrations in the Philippines. Not at all like most customary celebrations in the Philippines. This is a 4-day merriment that will wow its onlookers with amazing things.

Displays that include flying, including skydiving, paragliding, radio-controlled flying machine, arrangement flying, aerobatic shows. Plus eye-catching hot air inflatables.

As Asia’s longest-running games occasion, this Philippine celebration will assemble guests and pilots from all around the world. Displaying for a few days of relentless flying their spectacular colored, shaped and characters of Hot Air Ballooning and activity events to thrill an ever-present enthusiastic crowd.

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