Magical Cebu

Cebu is a region of the Philippines situated in the Central Visayas locale, and comprising of the primary island and 167 encompassing islands and islets. Wikipedia.

Cebu is the explorer’s fantasy of a tropical island work out as expected. A mild climate, perfect shorelines, and rich resorts with every one of the ornaments of present-day living. The island-region of Cebu is the place the sweetest mangoes can be found. Also, where Portuguese guide Ferdinand Magellan planted the Cross of Christianity for the sake of Spain in 1521.


East of Cebu is Bohol, with its moving slopes and levels and gem springs and shorelines. The nation’s tenth biggest island. It is a pleasant territory packed with hereditary homes and hundreds of years old places of worship. Bohol is home to the world-renowned Chocolate Hills and the world’s littlest monkey, the Tarsier. Other similarly colourful greenery can be found in the territory’s timberlands.


The Sinulog is Cebu’s greatest party to pay tribute to the Infant Jesus or Senor Santo Nino held each third Sunday of January. In an arranged development, clans clad in astonishing ensembles hold overtop pictures of their supporter. The supplication move is synchronized to the beat of drums and yells of “Pit Senor! Viva Santo Nino!”

Camiguin Island

The Island of Imagination picked up from the word “Kamagong”, the name of a tree in the dark family Camiguin, is a pear-moulded volcanic island in the Bohol Sea. Wonder about the island’s wide exhibit of blossoms and taste the juiciest “lanzones” in the yearly Lanzones Festival. Investigate lofty volcanoes, hot springs, great waterfalls. Plus and it’s well known submerged graveyard, of shipwrecks and WWII relics.

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