Boracay Island Adventures

Boracay Island is a little island in the Philippines found roughly 315 kilometers south of Manila. Wikipedia. The island that offers nearly every imaginable beach activity available for everyone. As long as you enjoy some water sports. Like jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling, and diving. Plus Paraw Sailing, Banaboat rides even for the family. Of course, nothing beats relaxing in the sun on the powdery white sand beaches. Swimming in the translucid turquoise water, with a nice cool drink in hand!  Boracay island is one of the world’s best traveler destinations. Consistently, a great many neighborhood sightseers and nonnatives go to Boracay.  Appreciate the extent of shorelines secured with white sands and coral reefs.

Perfect Climate

The climate in Boracay is by and large partitioned into two occasional climate designs referred to locally as the Amihan and Habagat seasons. In the Visayan dialect, Amihan implies a cool upper east breeze. Habagat implies west or southwest breeze; south-west storm.

The Amihan season is described by direct temperatures, almost no precipitation, and an overall breeze from the NorthEast. The Habagat season is portrayed by sweltering and much warmer climate. Daytime temperatures on Boracay, for the most part, extend from 25– 32 °C from the earliest starting point of the Amihan season into February or March. Becoming a litle warmer, rising  to 28– 38 °C run with the beginning of the Habagat season. Really, it does not matter what season you visit, you will have a wow of a time in Boracay

Scuba Diving

For those inspired by Scuba Diving and Diving Packages, there are actually many Dive Centers along the White Beach. It is a decent place to learn or to enhance your diving abilities. Cost is around $35 per dive which incorporates contract of all gear. appropriate for novices up to cutting-edge level.

Paraw Sailing

One approach to seeing the excellence of Boracay and its different shorelines is by Paraw (local outrigger sailboat). Which cruise along White Beach each evening just before dusk to view the awesome Sunsets.

Helmet Diving

Investigate the undersea world, and stroll on the ocean bottom. Get very close to the marine life and excellent shaded corals. An unquestionable activity you must do for the experiencer and the fascination of the undersea world.

Kite & Skim Boarding

Boracay’s Bulabog shoreline is known as the best kitesurf area in Asia. Skimboarding in Boracay has been another fun game. Skimboards are accessible for lease at a few places along White Beach.


Take a parasailing visit around the island, to investigate calm shorelines and snorkel destinations. Request that your team composes a sentimental BBQ on the shoreline. Journey back at dusk to encounter a stunning sunset.

Motorbiking & ATV Hire

It merits contracting motorbikes, ATV or for the energetic pushbikes out to investigate the island.  There are other excellent shorelines on the opposite side of the island that are stunning. More private and great to snorkel at, that is not as swarmed as White Beach.

Beaches & Islands

Still, the #1 Holiday destinations for travelers, budget or Luxury, white sands, clear waters, relaxing

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