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Incredible India

India a kaleidoscope of conventions, culture, and lively topographies justifies itself with real evidence as a spirit mixing venture. From its dusty snow trenches, skip coasts, holding normal green to the spiritualist gorges of the most profound sense of being and groups of social shades characterizing the crude excellence, India catches the core of each visitor. Find the diverse aspects of this colorful nation as it shapes your vision at everything about overlapping thoughts. With the nation’s tourism stretched into a few structures, it has emotions for each sort of an explorer.The TAJ MAHAL is viewed as the world’s most excellent building and the number 1 vacation spot in India. “A tear on the substance of endlessness.” No matter how many or how frequently you’ve seen it in photograph and video, regardless of how regularly or how extreme it is applauded, nothing sets you up, for actually seeing and walking through it for the first time, extraordinary as you stroll through the red sandstone external entryway and view it live.

Holiday Packages

Your package tour, package vacation or package holiday will generally comprise of transport and accommodation as advertised and packaged together with Tours and fun and exciting Activities so you enjoy your new adventure. Other services that may be provided such as rental car, other activities or different outings during your holiday.Package Vacations/Holidays are suitable for everyone, from Solo to Family, friends, and Groups. They are combined with everything you desire for your journey, to make it easier for you to enjoy your break. You have fewer hassles, as your Travel Agent does everything from organizing visa, flights, tours, accommodations, transfers, so you Save. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy life. And of course, tell your friends about the amazing time you had traveling with LEx.


A Honeymoon is a very special occasion, filled with love and romance, so your holiday should be the same. Fully organized, fewer hassles and everything you expect it to be. After settling on a destination, a couple can list the flight they want, type of hotel and how many nights, dining, cash, all the way down to small pleasures like tickets to an attraction or flowers in the room. Just about everything at your choice of resort — lodging, food, drinks, snacks, activities — is included in one price. (Although things like spa and butler services are extra but can also be arranged).Talk to your Legends Traveler Agent to make this special journey even more memorable.