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Glorious Japan

Japan is genuinely ageless, a place where old customs are combined with present-day life as though it were the most characteristic thing on the planet.At first glance, Japan shows up exceedingly present-day styles. Touring around it offers various chances to associate with the nation’s conventional culture. Spend the night in a ryokan (customary Japanese hotel), thinking about futons and tatami tangles, and cushioning through well-worn wooden corridors to the bathhouse  From the magnificence of a Kyoto geisha move to the extra excellence of a Zen shake plant. Japan has the ability to captivate even the most tainted voyager.

Neon City

The neon-lit streetscapes framing dynamic urban areas of Japan’s resemble a science fiction film sets. Despite the fact that a large number of them are decades old. Then, urban communities, for example, Tokyo and Osaka have been including new compositional miracles that reclassify what structures – and urban areas – should resemble. There’s a permanent buzz to these urban focuses, with their dynamic road life, 24-hour drinking, and eating scenes. With inventive centre points that turn out the popular culture patterns devoured by the world over. Travel is constantly smooth and proficient, regardless of whether you’re utilizing the metro to get around or the shinkansen(bullet trains) to go starting with one city then onto the next.Japan is a long and slim, very volcanic archipelago. It’s more than 66% mountains, with gurgling hot springs every step of the way. In the hotter months, there is astounding climbing, through cedar forests and fields of wildflowers, up to taking off pinnacles and old shrines. In the southern ranges, there are tropical shorelines for sunning, swimming, jumping and surfing.Wherever you are in Japan, it appears, you’re never more than a short stroll from an awesome dinner. Eateries frequently have some expertise in only one dish – maybe having spent ages idealizing it – and give careful consideration to each stage, from sourcing the freshest, nearby fixings to collecting the dish alluringly. Additionally, you don’t need to head out far to find that Japanese food has profoundly fluctuated.

Cruises - Lunch/Dinner

Day Cruises

Cruises Day/Night is an experience should you try on your Travels in every way possible, go on a river or Habour Cruise. See a different perspective of all things that surround you. Sitting on the shoreline or a bench, the view is nice, but being up close is awesome!There are Day cruises for lunch and Night cruises for that special Dinner. Be adventurous, try something different. Money comes and goes, but an experience may only ever happen Once! Cruises are suitable for everyone and All occasions, enjoy your view and Bon Voyage

Day Tours

Day Tours can be defined as a journey in which a person or group, go to visit a place and then returns home on the same day. Sounds like Fun! These trips are full of excitement and sometimes an extreme sporting way to enjoy a day away from the normal weekly work environments. A day where you get to do what you like, have fun with friends, or do a Solo journey. Go explore the unkown get excited about life. LEx. has some wonderful Day Tours/Trips just for this occasion, check them out, all at discounted prices so you can save and enjoy more. Don’t see what your looking for? LEx. has access to over 1 million Tours, so reach out to us, and we will do our best to find your adventure, for 1, 2 or more days. We can assist with a customized itinerary to suit your Budget and requirements. LEx. is here when you need US!

Group Packages

When is your Next Group Tour Adventure?Group tours are becoming more popular, due to the the variety that is available for all ages. They can attract busloads of 20-year-olds who want to drink and party, to groups of 60 year olds who want to visit historical monuments and everything in between. No matter what your interest, from art, history to ghosts or cheese-making to fishing, whale watching in the Pacific to winter adventures in the Polar regions. There is a group tour out there for you. Your transport and accommodation is all arranged, with most meals to sustain your energy needs. Your itinerary is usually packed with many different fun and exciting activities so you will never be bored.The advantage of a group tour is that you will be automatically combined into a mixed group of travelers who also share your interests. You will more than likely make some new friends. However, some people just can’t stand the thought of having all of their activities laid out for them and prefer the freedom of independent travel.

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Holiday Packages

Your package tour, package vacation or package holiday will generally comprise of transport and accommodation as advertised and packaged together with Tours and fun and exciting Activities so you enjoy your new adventure. Other services that may be provided such as rental car, other activities or different outings during your holiday.Package Vacations/Holidays are suitable for everyone, from Solo to Family, friends, and Groups. They are combined with everything you desire for your journey, to make it easier for you to enjoy your break. You have fewer hassles, as your Travel Agent does everything from organizing visa, flights, tours, accommodations, transfers, so you Save. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy life. And of course, tell your friends about the amazing time you had traveling with LEx.

Theme Parks

Theme Park Adventures

Theme parks for amusements are star players for many tourists. They play a unique and vital part in creating tourism requests.  Amusement and theme parks endeavor to make an environment of somewhere else, fantasy and time. Generally accentuating one prevailing subject around which engineering, architectural brilliance of scenes are created. With rides, activities, nourishment for the foodies.  A costumed workforce of your favorite characters and retail for that must have a souvenir.With many appealing and exciting rides in view of an individuals taste of excitement and thrills or a blend of two. For the most part, a theme park incorporates diverse kind of rides and numerous other exciting activities. For the young and not so young adventurers. There are a large number of amusement parks around the world. Where guests can visit in the event that they wish to explore. With the most famous Disneyland driving the route since July 17th, 1955.Today you can explore 100’s of engaging theme parks. To make the most of your day with Universal Studios, Legoland, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.  Plus all the Aquariums and Ocean Parks, to give some examples.These parks are fun and energizing spots to visit, Worldwide, for all ages.