Indonesia journeys welcome you to a huge archipelago of diverse islands scattered over both sides of the Equator between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Being one of the most diverse countries we’ve ever been too, Indonesia is the epitome of a country which has a little bit of everything for everyone.

From the lush rice fields and waterfalls of Bali to iconic temples and volcanoes in Java. It also offers incredible wildlife in the deep jungles of Sumatra. Indonesia is a country that is largely underrated. While the sandy shores of Bali are frequented by many. There are many activities, with so much more to this incredible country that remains unexplored.

Best Time to Visit

When is the best time to go to Indonesia you ask? Generally speaking, Indonesia has a hot tropical climate all year round. However, the monsoon season can be a real bummer. April to October makes up the Dry Season while November to March is usually rainy. It is such a large country, is best to check specifically for where you are planning to go. The best time to go in a nutshell is April to October as there is usually minimal rainfall.

Surf’s Up

Home to some seriously epic waves, the Indonesian shoreline is considered as heaven for surfers. Offering everything from beginner waves to large barrels, there is no shortage of good waves in Indonesia. If you’re Bali bound, consider checking the best surf spots in Bali which features breaks in Canggu, Medewi, and the famous breaks in Uluwatu. Alternatively, if you hate crowded surf lineups, head to places in Java like Batu Karas and G-Land. Apart from that, Lombok, Mentawai islands, and Nias Island, these are all massive surf destinations which are worth checking out.

Culinary Feasts

One of the best things about Indonesia, Bali, in particular, has an overwhelming amount of healthy food choices. Everything from meditation retreats, yoga seminars, to super healthy organic restaurants and cafes.relishing in the many restaurants and cafes that make it easy to eat healthily. Eat, Pray, and Adventure in Ubud

Popularized by the famous film, Eat, Pray, and Love, Ubud has become a popular spot for travelers. Apart from doing the usual rice field and waterfall sightseeing, there are also heaps of adventurous things to do in Ubud. From whitewater rafting to mountain biking to Mt. Batur there are loads of options for those who like to stay active.

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