Planning ahead for your vacation

Design your own Dream Vacation with LEx.

Maybe you just can’t find that exact Trip you are searching for from other sightseeing tours? Then LEx. is here to help you in your design and planning of your customized trip or tours according to your own wishes.

Today’s Traveler is offered so many variables in adventures and holiday packages in a rich biodiverse world, so it can become a bit daunting. There is such a huge variety of trips that can range from the great outdoors in tropical rainforests – scuba diving on coral reefs.

Relaxing and romancing on a beautiful island with white beaches and crystal clear waters. 

To mountain ranges, trekking volcanoes, and a diverse range of flora, fauna, and wildlife, whilst you blend in with the surrounding environment. Mega City visits or an extreme adventure.

We are all different and have different desires and destinations for our dream vacation.

Customised Trips

Whatever your personal budget or desires are, LegendsTraveler can assist you in designing a customized trip for that perfect dream getaway or that long vacation. Special occasions, Group Tours and that once in a lifetime Honeymoon Trip.

We can also help with the planning, the itinerary and booking of your preferred accommodation. Make a complete package trip with flights, transfers, tours, and everything special to make your trip memorable and Save. We are here for You when needed!

“Live Your Dream Vacation today”

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