What is My Currency Worth when Travelling?

“What is my currency worth today?

At LEx. we receive many phone calls and emails daily from our valued clients asking us –
“What is my money worth in another Country?”

In response to this… we have decided to dedicate a page just for those folks that would like to know how much money they have when they count their cash, for traveling to other countries. Well, now you will know how much your money is worth when Traveling.


TOP ROW – AMOUNT – is the amount of money you want to exchange/convert
SECOND ROW – FROM – is the country your money comes from
THIRD ROW – TO – converting to the Country you are travelling too and their Currency
TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE CORNER – Click Menu Bar to reveal All current countries Exchange Rates – Click on Coins to return to Currency Convertor
BOTTOM OF FORM – WHAT YOU RECEIVE – is the new amount of converted currency you will receive in white text! >>>

NOTE: Final amount shown – will be less any Exchange Rate Fees or other Fees still to be deducted.

What's my money worth when travelling
Each Country has there own money styles, so don’t forget to convert your cash before leaving home

What is an Exchange Rate?

Exchange rates are what is used throughout the world on all currencies to give a value to your currency, using the United States of America – US$ as the basis for all exchange rates.

” The value of one currency for the purpose of conversion to another currency.”

In finance, an exchange rate is “a rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another”. It is also regarded as the value of one country’s currency in relation to another currency. Wikipedia

Some may call it a business others call it a ” Rip-off ” – no matter what you think, it’s how our world operates when it comes to exchanging money!

Knowing how much money will I need?

Traveling is an amazing past time for some. Others do it on a whim, for a Weekend Getaway or once a year when your holidays from their jobs allow it. This all depends if you are Traveling to a budget or you plan to live it up and enjoy some Luxury time.
Nots sure how much a country charges for its services, foods, transport, accommodations, etc. give us a call, we are happy to assist you.

Whether, solo, family, with friends, on events, group tours, travellers, special occasions everyone, needs to know – how much money will I require to Travel? – So we use a Currency Converter to change our money into another country’s money! This way we know exactly what we can afford to spend

Avoid using Airport Money Exchange Booths/Shops unless necessary!
These tend to give you a lower return rate on your money with higher fees, due to the high running costs associated with a shop in an airport.

” Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer”

LEx. have International Tours and Getaways plus Vacation and Group Tours or Domestic Tours/Packages suitable for all ages – So after you use the currency converter to count your money, check out our destinations and trips, we are sure you will find something you love to spend your money on and enjoy the Adventure – we are here to help You

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