Covid-19 possible Cures

COVID-19, Possible Cures

Coronavirus cure update:

Does Traditional medicine help prevent and manage symptoms?

Until now, coronavirus cure is like a rare Pokemon that every country seeks.

World Health Organisation listed “self-care” as the current cure and prevention for COVID-19. Advice to patients is to self-isolate and rest, drink plenty of fluid, and eat nutritious food.

Traditional Medicines

The lack of a vaccine makes people turn to traditional medicine to prevent and manage symptoms. In India, Ayurvedic medicine is being practiced as it is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems.

The goal of treatment is to cleanse your body of undigested food, which can stay in your body and lead to illness. The cleansing process—called “panchakarma”— is designed to reduce your symptoms, restoring harmony, and balance.

Some treatments also include meditation. This may be beneficial to one’s mental health that is affected if a person has contracted the new coronavirus due to stress and anxiety.

In Africa

In Africa, people are using medicinal plants like Artemisia annua as possible treatments for COVID-19 and it is being tested for efficacy and adverse side effects.

What does WHO think?

In a statement, WHO welcomes innovations around the world including repurposing drugs, traditional medicines, and developing new therapies in the search for potential treatments for COVID-19.

However, even if therapies are derived from traditional practice and natural, establishing their efficacy and safety through rigorous clinical trials is critical.

Article Courtesy of TravelDaily Media – Kristen Mariano

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