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Lose yourself in Bohol in the midst of the strange Chocolate Hills, begin to look all starry-eyed at the cuddly Tarsiers and make companions with grinning local people. Bohol has everything for the ideal escape!

Bohol is situated in the Visayas, a 2-hour pontoon ride far from Cebu. It’s the tenth biggest island in the Philippines.  So let me disclose to you that its uncommon attractions influence Bohol to a significant visitor destination. I’ll let you know, Bohol is a fun place that has such a great amount of attractions, beaches, nature, environmental marvels plus some good entertainment to offer for everyone!

Bohol Countryside Tour Philippines
Bohol Countryside Tour Philippines – Man made Forrest, River Cruise with Lunch and more.

Some individuals come here for the white shorelines and its peaceful wonders of nature with its differing untamed life. The world-class cliffs for diving, beautiful waterfalls and many hollows for spelunking. What’s more, there is a mind-boggling amount of history to be discovered alongside its pilgrim Spanish houses of worship for land lovers. I’m just touching the most superficial layer.

The wonderful surrounding shorelines of Bohol make for some beautiful beaches. There is also the famous and magnificent Chocolate Hills on the Countryside Tour. Plus the adorable Tarsiers – the smallest living primate!

A Journey of Discovery

We should begin with the Chocolate Hills, the best pride of Bohol. Basically, it’s an unusual gathering of strangely molded slopes, a ton of slopes. There are more than 1000 of these creations. It is difficult to depict the place; it resembles a bit of craftsmanship. An inconceivable scenery. It’s like a scene from being on the set of a sci-fi motion picture. They look to a great degree strange humps of the earth. It’s difficult to trust that the Chocolate Hills are not man-made but to make over 1000 of these gigantic mounds all the same. I don’t think so! Now from your visit you presumably noticed that the Chocolate Hills are secured with a type of green grass. So why are they called “the Chocolate Hills”?

Bohol Island (Tagbilaran, Philippines)
Bohol Island (Tagbilaran, Philippines) The Chocolate Hills

Where is the name coming from? Good question. Well, the reason behind the name is the slopes turn caramel/ brownish amid the dry season. That is the reason they call them the Chocolate Hills.  Indeed, even today, researchers aren’t ready to make sense of how the Chocolate Hills were shaped. Be that, as it may, this weird earth formation looks really captivating, for sure. There is also a bell/ringer over the most noteworthy slope. Ring the chime in the wake of making a desire or wish, as Legends says, your desires or wish may come true?

Sandugo-Bohol. Blood Compact Shrine
Sandugo-Bohol. Blood Compact Shrine

Then the most adorable primate and smallest are those cuddly Tarsiers. Sweetest animal ever! Like a blend of a monkey and a rodent . . . or on the other hand bat? Whatever, it’s anything but difficult to become hopelessly enamored with them. These tiny Tarsiers are resting throughout the day, just getting dynamic during the evening to discover sustenance.  The Tarsier is a small, nocturnal animal, similar in size to that of a human clenched hand, with the ability, to turn its head a full 180 degrees. With its tremendous big eyes, which influences it to look like Gizmo from the Gremlins, but still so cute

They’re in reality quite unusual creatures. In the event that they’re getting pushed (presumably from impolite vacationers being boisterous or taking photographs of them using FLASH photography, they have a tendency to confer suicide. ( The Tarsier will hit its head against something until the point that it bites the dust. No joke!) They are exceptionally touchy to clamors and flashlight, so please be extremely mindful around them, and DO NOT USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.


Bohol is encompassed by more than 50 Islands, including Panglao Island, which is one of the most visited by a traveler in the Philippines. The most famous and created is in Panglao Island harboring the beautiful Alona Beach, a 1.5 kilometer long extend fixed with coconut palm trees. The place is really lovely with its white sandy shoreline and completely clear water. There is awesome snorkeling in Panglao and you can discover a reef directly before Alona Beach. Scuba diving is incredible here, maybe give it go. Bohol and Panglao are associated with two extensions, so it’s anything but difficult to arrive.

Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines
Beautiful Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

With a coastline of more than 250 kilometers, you can expect some great beaches. One of my features was certainly a trek to Virgin Island, a C-molded Island with a long white fine sandbar. The unblemished Island is 20 minutes away by vessel from Panglao. There are such a large number of courageous exercises in Bohol, for example, plunging, swimming in waterfalls, investigating caverns… and an awesome Zipline, that you must try.

Ziplines in the Philippines
Ziplines in the Philippines

The most effective method to GET THERE

There are no worldwide flights to Bohol. You need to fly by means of Manila or Cebu. From Manila, the speediest method to Bohol is via plane to Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol. For flights check Cebu Pacific Air, Pal Express, and Air Asia. On the other hand, check flights to Cebu and associate from that point by watercraft. ask your friendly LEx. representative for more details and Bookings.

From Cebu take a vessel to Tagbilaran. The pontoon takes 2 hours. Cost is around 500 PHP+ one way with Super Cat.


There are taxicabs at the ship terminal and furthermore at the Tagbilaran Airport will charge you between 500 – 1000 PHP for the trek to Panglao Island! Wrangle and barter as much as you can, they unquestionably request excessively now and again! If its all the same to you, take a tricycle; they ought to do it for half of the cost. It will take 20 – 30 minutes to Alona Beach. Or you may like to try the Jeepneys from Tagbilaran Pier are leaving for Alona Beach for just 25 PHP.  ( Be adventurous try the Locals’ way )

The Bellevue Beach Resort Bohol
Beautiful Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

Try not to surge starting with one fascination then onto the next. Bohol isn’t just about the touring – it’s additionally the dazzling smile and kind local people that make the experience of remaining in Bohol more than just a visit but a greatly exceptional adventure.


The Sandugo Festival is an annual historical celebration that takes place every year in Tagbilaran City on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. This festival commemorates the Treaty of Friendship between Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol, and Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi. The annual spectacular Bohol festival featuring an agro-industrial fair, cultural and historical shows, sports events, pageants, balls and dances, entertainment shows and street-dancing which culminates in the re-enactment of the blood compact or Sandugo of Datu Sikatuna and Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

This month-long festival falls in July and even starts earlier and extends up to the month of August.

Bohol Sandugo Festival
Bohol Sandugo Festival of color, song, and dance

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