Applying for a Tourist Visa for Japan

Japan Visa Requirements

This is for Philippines Passport Holders but can be used as a guide for other Nationality passports

* Philippine Passport – Broken Lamination of the Photo part of passport is not accepted
* Passport must be signed ( Signature required) and have at least 2 x blank pages
* Length of the stay must be allocated in “Days”
* Photo size to be 2-inch x 2-inch, with White Background plus write your name and birthday on the back of each photo.
* Birth Certificate must be from PSA main office/Serbilis Outlet Centre issued within 1 year – not torn or faded. or
Birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar
* Marriage Contract ( if married)
* Daily Schedule/Itinerary in Japan ( Taizai Yoteihyo) – If an applicant will shoulder part or all of his/her travel expenses
* Bank Certificate – must be issued within 3 months of travel dates.
* Income Tax return – Form 2316 with a clear Photocopy (Latest). If Guarantor, who lives/resides in the Philippines
will shoulder part or all of the applicant’s travel expenses. Guarantor Letter to be presented with an application
* Proof of relationship between guarantor and applicant is required

ALIEN Certificate of Registration (ACR) – for Foreign Passport holder Only

Foreign residents with long term or permanent status in the Philippines applying for a Visa must submit, in addition to the above requirements (Except birth & Marriage Certificate) a copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration ( ACR) issued by the Philippines Government.

Visa Application should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the departure date. Less than 15 business days will not be accepted. So please do not make any purchase of travel before discussing it with your Travel Agent.

Visa Waiver applies for all applications in conjunction with LEx. Terms & Conditions

Visa Waiver

I have read and understand, that continuing to Purchase, Book, make a Payment a reservation and/or  submit a visa application through LegendsTraveler/LEx./Legends Express Travel Services hereby known as the Company and/or Travel Agency, that I agree and fully understand the provisions set out in this Waiver in relation to a Visa Application(s) 

* That the Company, cannot guarantee the approval/granting approval of my Visa Application
* That the said Travel Agency has no control of whatever documents the embassy may require in regards to my application.
* Document requirements can be changed per application, without any prior notice by the embassy
* The failure to comply with the submission of any additional documents may result in the pending/cancellation of a visa application
* The Company is not responsible for the cancellation, rebooking of missed flight of the application brought about by the delayed submission of lacking documents. 
* The Company is not responsible for the delays by the embassy to approve any visa application or changes to visa processing made by an embassy.
* The applicant is fully aware of the risk of non-compliance will result in the denial of an application.
* The Company does not allow for safe-keeping of documents in the office and in case of loss or damaged documents of the applicant and is the sole responsibility of the applicant.
* That in case of delay in releasing of passport from the embassy, the Company will not shoulder the necessary expense(s) incurred in the speedy return of such a document.
* The Company is not in any way responsible nor in control of processing times and even delays in the visa application to the embassy.
* The counting of days will start after the complete submission of documents and date of mailing/delivery by LBC, JRS, DHL or any other courier service for filing and final screening. ( Not from the day you submit your visa application to the travel agency )
* The Company will not be responsible if the applicant insists on filing the visa application over a short period of processing time.
* The required time for a visa application approval or denial can be up to 40 business/working days (6-8 weeks) or longer. We have no control over the time taken by an embassy for a visa application to be approved or delayed.
* That any service directly and/or indirectly related to this Visa filing will be at the expense of the applicant.
* That cancellation, rebooking or missed flights will not be shouldered by the Company arising for any negligence or delay of the said applicants in the application process conducted by the processing team or embassy.
* You hereby agree that you have fully read and understood the above statements, and by continuing to use this website, with a payment/purchase /application through the Company for any travel product and/or service you understand that *

Japan Embassy

Japan Embassy in the Philippines

Legends Traveler is not liable for any delays, denials, made by an embassy and you will abide by the above waiver of the Company. If you do not fully agree with this Waiver, please do not continue to use this site.

Legends Traveler does everything in its power, as a Travel Agency, to ensure a visa application is successful, but we cannot offer any guarantee or overrule any embassy rules, laws or regulations for a visa being approved, delayed or denied

“To avoid any disappointments we recommend you submit a visa application at least 2 months before your departure date.” as Legends Traveler will accept no liability for delays or changes made by an Embassy.

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