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Diving Experiences

The crystal clear aqua colored waters in Asia and the Philippines allows for some incredible Scuba Diving Trips. Scuba divers can experience WWII wrecks of ships and planes, now a marine life sanctuary for the undersea dwellers. Tubbataha Reef is now a classified Natural Marine Park, and when you dive here, you will understand why this is a beautiful spot.

Don’t worry if your, not an experienced diver, there are many PADI Diving Instructors conduct day courses, so you can achieve a divers permit.
You can even try some “Helmet Diving” in Boracay and Cebu. Where you wear a special helmet to breathe underwater and walk on the sea floor. This is incredible for those can’t scuba dive or swim. There are Scuba divers always nearby if you need any assistance. So is perfectly safe for children and adults.

We even have cliff diving on island hopping trips, at Crystal Cove. So if your an adrenaline junkie, try this thrilling sport, jumping off cliffs!
It’s more fun in the Philippines.